Most common misconceptions women have about men when dating

Last updated on 22 Jun 2021
Most common misconceptions women have about men when dating
How to create a successful dating profile on a dating site? Here are 5 useful tips to make sure your profile will be a success on any dating site.

10 dating tips based on the most common misconceptions women have about what men want. Three simple letters, but behind them a complicated world. For women, understanding men can give them more hope that one day they will meet the perfect man for them. Unfortunately, it's not easy. While there are millions of articles about how men think, there are many with misconceptions that can prevent women from finding their knight in shining armor.

Here, I'll clear up the 10 most common misconceptions I've encountered in my more than a decade of coaching, and they really are false. Also, before you pull out your dating app and start reviewing it, I've included a simple tip to help women increase their chances of not only finding their man, but keeping him.

  • 1. Men only come after sex. Truth: While this may be true for the average teenager, it is not true for all men. While sex is a normal part of desire, men also seek other forms of connection-emotionally, intellectually, and even spiritually.
  • Tip: Since you already know he measures sexual and romantic chemistry and finds you attractive, look for ways to encourage other types of connections to see if he wants to create them.

  • 2. men think about sex all the time Truth: Articles about men thinking about sex every 7 seconds are outdated and untrue. If it were real, we wouldn't do anything! Yes, we fantasize about women and other different things, but it's also human nature, which means women do the same thing.
  • Tip: No, it's not okay to just want sex from someone. But thinking about sex is okay. Sex is good. Sex is fun. Sex is connection. And most of us want it. It's great. Accepting that will give you more insight into which men turn to misconception #1.

  • 3. if he treats you right, he'll want to sleep with you. The truth is that while there are men with ulterior motives, most men are actually very polite and nice, like to do things for others, and don't want anything in return.
  • Tip: When a man does something nice for you, all you have to do is say thank you.

  • 4. Men don't have a biological clock Truth: We only hear this from women, but men have this experience too. It's called biological for a reason: we all have it. Men get to the point where they want to settle down with someone, even if they don't know how to do it after so many years of not wanting to settle down.
  • Tip: While it's important to know someone's past behavior patterns, it's even more important to see current behavior as a sign of willingness to commit.

  • 5. Men are afraid of commitment The truth is that most men are not afraid of commitment. They are afraid of getting involved with the wrong person. This is something we can all understand. When men are ready to make a commitment, they are quick to engage.
  • Tip: Pay attention not only to his behavior, but more importantly to how he executes everything he says. Honesty in men is the key to understanding when he is ready.

  • 6. Men are insensitive or unmotivated Truth: A lot of thought has gone into the necessary bravado of men in older age. In today's world, we see its impact on men who are unable to express or even deny their emotions. Men are very sensitive, simply because they are human.
  • Tip: Don't assume nothing is wrong. They may be afraid to tell you for fear of being rejected or misunderstood, so it's vital to help create a space where men can express themselves emotionally safely, especially in front of a woman.

  • 7. men only like thin women with big breasts The truth is that we all have our desires, but that's exactly what has been greatly exaggerated, thanks to teenagers, media and alcohol. Many men actually see a woman's eyes as a finer definition of attractiveness. And while we may want someone to be delectable on our arm - many women want the same - more than just physical appearance is important. (See also Delusion #1 here).
  • Tip: You're beautiful just the way you are.

  • 8. Men can't handle a successful woman. Truth: Many men want to be with a successful woman, even if that woman is considered more successful than he is. What men don't like is that successful women behave in ways that make men feel unwanted or unwelcome. We love, celebrate, and desire successful women.
  • Tip: Find ways that a man can feel needed, especially if he knows that those ways are simple but can make your life better.

  • 9. Men can't be friends with women Truth: I can personally attest that this is not true, because I have had many female friends. It's not about attraction, it's about the special chemistry they look for in a romantic relationship combined with attraction, which can make it difficult to stay friends. Still, men can be friends with women without any ulterior motive, because they know that it is vital for them to understand women more and connect with them by being in a relationship with them.
  • Tip: This is another "actions speak louder than words" situation. If he wants to be friends, give him the benefit of the doubt until he gives you a reason not to, and of course, pick it up when that time comes.

  • 10. Men don't listen to women when they speak Truth: While some women find eye contact important when talking to someone to feel heard, men don't need it. So if you see a man who doesn't look at you when he talks, it doesn't mean he's not listening. I can personally attest that men listen to women - or at least really want to. What they have a hard time doing is understanding women, which tells them more than women.
  • Tip: Now that you see that most men listen, if you care about him looking at you when you talk, it's best to ask him and let him know it's important to you. Otherwise, he'll never know or do it.

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