Top 3 restaurant types perfect for a first date

Last updated on 22 juni 2021
Top 3 restaurant types perfect for a first date
The first date is the perfect time to make an impression. Read about 3 types of restaurant that are perfect for a first date and get some data on what her/his preferences are when it comes to food.

The 3 types of restaurants that are perfect for your first date.

First Dates are often the busiest moments of your life. After announcing "We met on this free dating site", chances are your first date won't be free anymore! So it's better to plan ahead. There is no greater pressure than how to make a good impression on another future potential partner. So, there is no better time to be picky about where else to eat than during this period.

The first meeting is the perfect time to impress your date. Studies show that most men prefer restaurants to bars, lounge cafes and coffee shops. This will mean that probably men are very keen to impress their possible future partner at the first opportunity. Such a first date can make you grow but also destroy you, because after this you will not be able to go on a second date any more.

If you know how to choose the best restaurant, then you are often already well on your way to overcome the most important problem. Choosing the type of restaurant can sometimes be quite difficult, as there are countless restaurants to choose from. But the secret lies in knowing your date. Try to find some information about what her/his preferences are in terms of food and what dishes he or she likes. Moreover, it is very useful to know if your date has any food allergies so that you can take them into account. To help you through this sometimes nerve-wracking experience, ask your future dates for help. Most likely, they have been on dates before and can best share their experiences with you and give you helpful tips. Check out online restaurant reviews from others who have had dinner dates. You can also research the culinary dishes that are popular at restaurants today. This is the safest choice and most practical if you want to avoid headaches.

Then, there is at least one thing you need to take into account. Make sure that the place where you meet is a place that you both know or where you both live nearby. It is a shame if your expected date gets lost in traffic. Also, inquire about the prices beforehand. It may not be worth it if the restaurant is too expensive, but the date itself is very disappointing. After all, it's better to agree to something you really want.

Here are our top 3 choices:

Here are our top 3 choices

1. A restaurant for gourmets


This is usually the most chosen place for a first serious date. By choosing a chic location with atmospheric lighting on your first date, you will not be easily distracted about the drawbacks of the chosen place. This will help you focus on the questions you need to ask on such a first date. After all, an introduction in a chic restaurant is never bad for a general first impression. The lighting is often perfect, the music is great and the atmosphere is often steeped in romance. Keep in mind that fancy restaurants can be a bit pricier, so you have to be prepared to spend some money, but if that increases the chance of a second date, then it's definitely worth the money.

date in fancy restaurant First date in a chic restaurant.
. date in cafe First date in a cafe.

2. Cafe

If your companion has such an easy-going cheerful vibe, you can make her happy by meeting up in a café. The only thing is, you don't have to expect any service at your table, as you'll already see the food on offer on the bar for what it is.

Since there are millions of coffee lovers these days, you'll soon be satisfied with the choices on the coffee menu and even a piece of cake if you wish! An added bonus for the ladies is that most cafes are conveniently located (some even have outdoor seating) and if you want to end your date, it's very easy to step up and end the date.

But if you decide to stay, this place would be the perfect place to talk about everything under the sun, without feeling burdened to sigh or even cry it out.

3. Restaurant Bars.

These venues offer a variety of options for you and your date. There are two types of restaurant bars where it is service only - the customers are not served directly but the staff orders drinks, at full-service bars drinks are served and you often have a full menu for your dinner as well.

It would be nice to go to the bar after that lavish dinner to get the conversations going more. Why hold out when you can get the best of both worlds. Not everyone will have a drink on a first date, but you can offer a sip of fine wine to relax the conversation.

date in cafe First date in a cafe restaurant.
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  • Here are our top 3 choices:
  • Here are our top 3 choices
  • 1. A restaurant for gourmets
  • 2. Cafe
  • 3. Restaurant Bars.

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