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SecondLove: Flirting is not just for singles!

Last Update on 22 Jun 2021

Second Love is one of the popular dating platforms for men and women who are looking for a discreet meeting or informal fling. Whether you are looking for an online flirt, a one-night-stand or someone besides your current partner with whom you can make your erotic dreams come true; you will find it on Second Love. On this dating site you can take the plunge and start the adventure in a safe and discrete environment!

Are you happy in your relationship but do you sometimes feel like you're suffering from the daily grind? Then you are certainly not the only one; the slogan of Second Love is not for nothing "flirting is not only for singles! Many people are looking for more excitement or adventure in a relationship.

And given that Second Love is different from most dating sites, they give you the necessary tips on discreet dating. It is fine to first view some profiles after registering or to flirt secretly, however it is important to clearly indicate what you are looking for.

It is always best to be open and transparent in what you expect from the other person, so you will not have any surprises later on a date. Second Love also provides useful tips and advice on how to date safer online, what to do if you are dating during a relationship or marriage or how to deal with a second love. Even now during the socially life-limiting corona era, you'll find tips on "Amorous dates during the pandemic."

Since anonymity is an important requirement on this affair dating site, there are also fewer user experiences about it on the internet. This not only confirms the satisfaction of the members, also the wish to remain discreet is taken seriously by the users of this website.

We definitely recommend to take the tips on the website to heart, if you have little experience with anonymous and discreet dating during a relationship or marriage.

SecondLove in het kort

logo SecondLove SecondLove
SecondLove: Flirting is not just for singles! logo SecondLove

Wat kost SecondLove?

Duration Total Cost Monthly Cost Discount
1 maand€74,90€74,900%
2 maanden€74,90€37,4550%
3 maanden€94,95€31,6568%
6 maanden€154,95€25,83180%
logo SecondLove
Our Score 8.6
Average rating
242 ratings
100% anonymous and discrete 100% anonymous and discrete
registrations today 182 registrations today
eerlijke ervaringen 0 honest experiences

SecondLove specifications

  • Ideal ageIdeal age25 - 55
  • SubscriptionsSubscriptions750.000
  • Male / female ratioMale / female ratio60 / 40
  • Credit systemCredit systemNo
  • Free registrationFree registrationYes

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